Science of the BeautifulTM 

CION is the new 4K/UHD and 2K/HD production camera from AJA. Shoot vivid detail with vibrant colors at any resolution. Effortlessly unite production and post by shooting directly to edit-ready Apple ProRes 4444 at up to 4K 30fps, ProRes 422 at up to 4K 60fps, or output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120fps. CION ships with PL mount; EF, B4, and F-mount options available from third parties. Unrivalled monitoring output options put CION at the heart of production.

  • 4K sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range
  • 4444 ProRes Recording
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Open Connectivity



Maximize Your Shoot, Minimize Your Post

CION is the only 4K/UltraHD production camera capable of encoding 12-bit ProRes 444 internally. Using this high quality and widely supported codec to record CION’s film-like image and superb color rendition will provide the easiest route to post production for 4K yet. CION allows you to capture the look you need on-set, in-camera but with the latitude to create custom grades later by choice and not by necessity.



AJA CION Brochure

4K/Ultra HD Workflow Diagram

2K/HD Workflow Diagram


CION Technical Video #1; Exposure Index, Gamma and In-Camera Color Correction Comparison from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

CION – The New 4K/UHD and 2K/HD Production Camera from AJA from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.