Andrea Thomas Q&A

Life at ASG

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Thomas, Client Account Manager with Advanced Systems Group (ASG) – Managed Services group.

Her extensive consulting and recruiting experience support the growing staffing and service needs of ASG’s media and entertainment clients. As Client Account Manager, Andrea helps to maintain relationships with existing accounts and assists new clients through the entire onboarding process. Her role closely aligns with the Managed Services group’s mission to facilitate each client’s specific business challenges from building a production studio, planning and executing a live, in-person or remote event, or providing creative support on a project-to-project basis. In this interview, we get to dig a little deeper into Andrea’s position at ASG, her background, and learn a little something most of us do not know about her! Andrea considers herself a partner of ASG’s clients, supporting their own development and requirements while helping drive ASG’s growth in the Managed Services realm.

Q1:  Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

My career spans both the recruiting and consulting worlds across several industries including Cloud AI, healthcare, clean technology, and media & entertainment, among others. I have always found satisfaction in assisting companies around the globe find the pain points, isolate their challenges, and then helping them build successful teams through recruitment, streamlining and developing solutions, or other tactics.

Q2: Please give us more insight into your role at ASG

I joined ASG three years ago initially in a recruiting role, which quite quickly shifted to something more expansive covering multiple roles within the company. With the rapid growth of ASG’s Managed Services division and the demand for our services, we started wearing multiple hats to meet this demand. We now have more recruitment, finance, account management and resource teams in place to support this growth. Based in the Bay Area in California, my role is now to manage new customer accounts around the world, building and managing core relationships with our existing clients, and bridging gaps with our clients’ staffing, resource and even technology needs. This partnership also includes making sure our clients are aware of all the professional managed services we offer; regardless of whether they’re looking for short or long-term staffing, ad-hoc project based or flexible workforce models. I really like to present myself as a partner to our clients, connecting them to all aspects of the ASG business.

Q3: Can you please offer your thoughts (and predictions if you will) on industry shifts and trends in the coming years?

We are currently seeing an influx of activity as our clients prepare budgets for the coming year and beyond. As our clients ramp up their projects, decide on their staffing and team needs, and work on the various stages of new buildouts of production studios and other facilities, we are simultaneously ramping up our teams in preparation for this demand trend. In some cases, we’re expecting even more activity than pre-pandemic times, partly driven by the fact that clients can now see what else is possible with remote environments and remote production.

Q4: Let’s get a little more personal now if we may; please tell us something most people don’t know about you

I have a great love of dance, which I am incredibly passionate about. I am really fortunate to have enjoyed a variety of dance experiences performing with local artists such as Manuel Romero and Xavier Toscano, or back-up dancing for American rappers, e40 and Snoop Dogg, and dancing in performances for our local Filipino channel. I’ve been dancing for most of my life – and still do – across all styles and have been part of a competitive hip-hop team for over ten years. Dancing is truly my creative outlet.