Limited-Time Offer: Get cineX Everything for $995


Here is a fantastic special, limited-time offer for ASG customers. Between August 31 and October 15, 2020, you can purchase the cineX Everything license which includes all cineXtools for 85% off!

CineXtools is an easy video editing software that will save you a ton of time making changes to your videos.

Here’s what you get for $995:
A one year license with a Total Value: $8,040

• cineXtools: All Codecs (ProRes, AVC, XAVC, DNxHD/HR, XDCAM, JPEG2000, & H.264!)
• Closed Captions editor, AS11 metadata editor, Remote Insert tool
• cineXplugins: All Codecs
• cineXmeta: All Wrapper support
Best of all, you keep the promo price forever

Learn more about cineX Everything here, and register to lock in your price!