Corporate Communications: Raise Your Game – Editorial by Dave Van Hoy, ASG President


I don’t like the term “corporate video.”

Corporate video was originally considered the “lower tier” for video production professionals, and it still carries that same stigma today. As a result, there are just too many negative connotations associated with that term. That’s why I prefer the term “corporate communications.”

Our industry is not the same as it was 20 or even 10 years ago. The ability to produce content is less expensive than it’s ever been, and the ability to deliver content ubiquitously is easier as well. These days, the toolsets are more equal for content creators at every level.

Even a limited budget can buy you an HD camera, tripod or other support gear, professional light kit, solid microphone options, and an NLE system with built-in graphics. Spend a little more money – and hire talented people – and suddenly your corporate video looks like something produced by Madison Avenue.

Is such a strong emphasis on corporate communications really necessary? Well, think about how your own personal use of video has grown. Perhaps you recently had to replace your garbage disposal. Where did you go for guidance when you got stuck in the middle of the project? I’d bet you turned to YouTube and watched a video to help you sort out the details.

When it comes to consuming information, whether at home or in the workplace, we have become a video-centric society. Customers and employees expect companies to deliver video messages with high production values. I will concede that, in general, corporate communications fail to reach the production quality of Game of Thrones. However, corporate communications almost always deliver more polished messaging than your local nightly news.

A lot of our competitors still look down their noses at corporate clients, and I think it’s to their detriment. For more than 30 years, I’ve watched the corporate communications market raise its game. ASG is proud to serve a diverse range of corporate clients, and we continue to be impressed by the innovation we see. If you’re ready to take your corporate communications to the next level, give us a call. We’ll help you break out of that “lower tier.”