Media Management & Storage Solutions

What storage solution is right for your organization? We make sure your file-based workflow fits the needs of your business, with easy, organized access to current projects and archived content. Since 1997, ASG has installed more than 350 production, post-production, and SAN systems.

Media Asset Management is one of the most puzzling terms in our industry, because its meaning changes from company to company. ASG cuts through the confusion with our simple solutions tailored to your workflow. We make it easy to access your video, audio, and graphics, plus provide the infrastructure you need to make it easy to access your assets.

All storage solutions are not created equal – because all storage solutions are not the same. The need for reliability and speed are universal, but business models can be very different. Whether you’re an independent or in-house post facility, your storage solution needs to address a number of issues:

  • What are your archive needs for you and/or your clients?
  • Do you need to migrate an existing video library?
  • How will you combine access for long-term and short-term assets?
  • What platforms do you use to deliver your completed projects?
  • Have you considered a tiered storage solution?
  • Are you interested in cloud-based storage?
  • Do you have disaster recovery plan?

ASG has built its reputation on storage solutions. We are your gateway to the best storage solutions in the industry, as well as the right software to support your workflow. From editing and finishing to SAN integration and long-term archives, ASG’s expertise can maximize your resources.
Trust your storage needs to the storage experts!