ASG Leads Audio Refresh at Renowned Bay Area Jazz Club Yoshi's

Collaboration with Waveworks, Meyer Sound and Predictive Audio Design Tools Contribute to Timely Upgrade

EMERYVILLE, CALIF., December 28, 2023 Advanced Systems Group, LLC (ASG), a solutions provider for media creatives and content owners, completed a refresh of the 25-year-old sound system at the renowned Yoshi’s jazz club in Oakland, CA in record time, hastened by close collaborations with Bay Area firms and predictive audio design tools. 

The previous Meyer Sound system had served Yoshi’s well for 25 years, but typical signs of aging combined with a demand for punchier low frequency content made it time for an upgrade. “The old system held up remarkably well,” said Marcel Quiroz, Yoshi’s production manager. “But a few things were starting to go out, and over the years there had been changes in the loudspeaker processing, with various things thrown in randomly. My biggest struggle was with the low-end, where R&B acts would push the subs so hard that by the end we would sometimes get a rattle out of the boxes.” 

Photos by Steve Jennings

ASG Audio Team and Key Account Manager Tom Menrath took the lead for ASG, with design services specialist Joe Mistretta on board for Meyer Sound. Mistretta pointed to Meyer’s MAPP 3D program – a design tool that delivers predictions of sound energy distribution in a three-dimensional sound field – as a critical element in the Yoshi’s audio renovation. “Yoshi’s is an asymmetrical, pie-shaped room,” said Mistretta. “The acoustics are quite good, but the coverage is tricky. MAPP 3D really showed us how to improve uniformity, both up close and in the back corners.”

Menrath confirmed the importance of the sound design software: “Using the design tools and replacing the kludge of old processing with Galaxy units, made a huge difference. It also helped to bring the new system online quickly, which was a crucial consideration.”  Working with trusted install partner Brad Katz of the Oakland-based Waveworks was another big asset in speeding the turnaround time on Yoshi’s audio reno.

Photos by Steve Jennings

“Down time is expensive for Yoshi’s as it costs not only the performance venue but the foundational restaurant business,” said Menrath, “so it was vital to get the new system up and running as fast as possible. Working with Brad at Waveworks, we were able to get the old system out, the new one installed, tuned and back in action within nine days.”

As a passionate music fan, Menrath found this project particularly rewarding: “We do a lot of major projects with Meyer Sound, but Yoshi’s has been particularly satisfying. This new system with the most advanced loudspeaker technologies is a stunning upgrade, and the artists who perform at Yoshi’s certainly deserve nothing but the best the industry can offer.”

Among the first to hear the new system were two of Yoshi’s founders and owners, namesake Yoshie Akiba and Kaz Kazamura.  “When I turned it on, it literally brought tears to their eyes,” recalled Quiroz.  “They had never heard this room sound so good.”

Photos by Steve Jennings

It’s a sentiment echoed by Yoshi’s discriminating visitors, said Quiroz: “Every artist that has come in here has been blown away. Haley Reinhart’s engineer told me it was the best house system he’d ever heard, and the engineer for Dave Weckl said that hands down we now have the best-sounding room in the Bay Area. After his set, Freddy Jackson came up, gave me a hug, and said, ‘Thank you!’”

The new Yoshi’s Meyer Sound system comprises two UPQ-D1 wide coverage and two UPQ-D2 narrow coverage full-size loudspeakers for the mains, supplemented by three ULTRA-X20 compact wide coverage loudspeakers for downfill and seven UP-4slim ultra-compact installation loudspeakers for front fill. Ample power for contemporary R&B acts is now available through four 900-LFC low frequency control elements, mounted in pairs on the walls.  A GALAXY 816 network platform provides system drive and optimization, while artist foldback has been upgraded with addition of 10MJF-208 and two MJF-210 stage monitors.

For a more in-depth peek inside Yoshi’s redesign, please check out this feature story in Front of House magazine

Photos by Steve Jennings

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Merging Technologies and Neumann Join Forces

At ASG, we’re always excited to learn about the new possibilities that can happen when leading audio technology creators work together to develop new and exciting solutions. In the case of legendary German transducer manufacturer Neumann and highly respected Swiss digital audio workstation maker Merging Technologies, who announced their new partnership working together under the Sennheiser Group last month, we’re already putting together plans on how ASG customers will benefit from this incredible partnership.

For many years, ASG has been a leading integrator for the acclaimed, award-winning audio technologies from both Merging and Neumann, doing high-profile installations at some of the finest venues and recording facilities. Here’s some background on the storied histories pf both companies.

A Trip Down Audio History
It was in 1928 in Berlin, Germany that Georg Neumann GmbH was founded. Right from the start, Neumann introduced products that ended up changing the world of recording and live sound, beginning with the CMV 3, the world’s first commercially available condenser microphone. The capsule for this mic, the M 7, was repurposed in 1949 into the U 47, a microphone that featured switchable polar patterns, and became the de facto standard for professional recording worldwide. The U 47, with its sharp and present reproduction of sound, was heard in pop music that ranged from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles.

Neumann has always been at at the forefront of transducer technology. In the mid-1960s, they began adapting phantom powering to their mics, allowing tube microphones, solid-state microphones and dynamic microphones all to be connected to the same power supplies. Other Neumann mics over the subsequent decades, like the M 49, the KM 83, the TLM 170, the U 87, and others have been used on many of the world’s best-known and most beloved recordings in history, spanning all music genres and used for non-musical applications such as voiceover and broadcast as well. In 1991, Neumann was acquired by another globally-respected microphone company, Sennheiser. Neumann eventually expanded their offerings into other highly-regarded transducer products including studio monitor loudspeakers and headphones.

Meanwhile in Switzerland…
In 1990, an electronics expert and former Nagra employee named Claude Cellier founded Merging Technologies. Merging was created to take advantage of the rapidly growing world of digital signal processing in the early ‘90s, and their Pyramix Virtual Studio became adopted as the primary high resolution recording workstation by hundreds of recording facilities. Always a step ahead of the game, Merging was one of the earliest players in Audio over IP with their acclaimed RAVENNA interface in 2012. Other interface products, like the Anubis range of AoIP converters, have become essential tools for broadcasters with their ability to manage and control large audio networks.

Now in use for more than 25 years, Pyramix has continued to evolve, now offering Dolby Atmos workflow to its already impressive immersive audio feature set. Merging Technologies is a leader not only in recording and broadcast, but also in applications such as theme parks, museums, and transport hubs. For any situation where networked audio is crucial, Merging has solutions.

Come Together
Working together under the umbrella of the Sennheiser group, Neumann and Merging Technologies will offer a match made in audio heaven. The first joint product of the partnership between Neumann and Merging Technologies will be a Neumann audio interface that enables the perfect integration of Neumann products into a digital infrastructure.

“We plan to strengthen Neumann’s offering, particularly in the area of digital workstreams, in order to provide our customers with holistic audio solutions in studio quality. Merging Technologies’ products and solutions are an excellent complement to the Neumann product portfolio. We are therefore very much looking forward to working together with the Merging team,” says Ralf Oehl, CEO of Georg Neumann GmbH.

ASG, Neumann and Merging Technologies
While we all await the fruits of this partnership, there’s one thing we can tell you right away. With its 25-year background as a leader in broadcast and professional audio, ASG has been one of the most highly-regarded systems integrators in the United States for both Neumann and Merging Technologies. Especially considering our expertise in production, post production, and shared storage systems, ASG should be the top choice for media, broadcast, film, commercial audio recording, and corporate video creators who want to take advantage of the legendary power of both of these leading-edge audio technology brands. Contact us today!