Broadcasters have some of the toughest issues moving to file-based workflows. From the management of the large day-to-day volume of footage to the migration of existing archives, it can be a daunting endeavor. Plus, in this new digital age, broadcasters are forced to consider new capital budget models, rely on IT-based systems as opposed to traditional broadcast technologies, and adopt new methods of content distribution.

It’s not an easy transition for many stations and networks, but ASG can make it easier. We start with workflow, analyzing your station’s resources and requirements. Then, we focus on systems integration and media management, providing a solid foundation for production and post-production efficiencies while keeping new and existing content organized.

ASG specializes in Apple-based newsroom systems and offers world-class production equipment, including cameras and switchers. Plus, we even provide the training you need so your team can adopt the new technology quickly and minimize transition issues.



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