Whether in small agencies or the largest media conglomerates, creative pros want tools that let them bring their vision to life as fast as possible, without having to trade off quality for speed and interactivity. Now, with the landmark release of Adobe CS6 Production Premium accelerated by NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® professional GPUs, artists and editors have unprecedented power and interactivity at their disposal. Motion graphics that would take hours to create can now be done in minutes. Effects that used to render a few frames per second now run at full speed. Color grading that simply wasn’t possible at this price point is now within the easy reach of small shops, and much more


  • NVIDIA professional GPUs provide massively parallel processing and up to six GB of graphics memory, letting you unleash the full potential of Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, and Photoshop with blazing-fast performance.

*     The fastest playback and editing performance in Premiere Pro CS6.

*     Radically faster 3D rendering for fully ray-traced extruded text and shapes in After Effects CS6.

*     Accelerate to real-time professional color grading in SpeedGrade CS6 —the latest addition to Creative Suite 6.

*     Ultra-fast and smooth interactivity when editing photos in Photoshop CS6.

  • Only NVIDIA Quadro GPUs paired with Quadro SDI Output cards enable graphics-to-video output in both SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro, enabling efficient SDI monitoring of the complete workflow in the same GPU accelerated system.
  • Workstations powered with NVIDIA Maximus technology deliver the fastest effects and most fluid experience possible. Maximus technology combines NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs along with a unified driver to transform video-editing workflows by enabling simultaneous high-performance graphics and parallel processing.
  • NVIDIA solutions are certified and recommended by Adobe for meeting the highest quality standards.


Check out the making of this far out music video of the indie band, Heavy Hand, and see how the extensive set of NVIDIA GPU accelerated features throughout Adobe CS6 made it happen.

For more information, visit: www.nvidia.com/CS6 

The following NVIDIA Quadro by PNY graphics boards enable graphics-to-video output in both SpeedGrade CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6: Quadro 4000 SDI, Quadro 5000 SDI, and Quadro 6000 SDI.

All NVIDIA Quadro by PNY professional graphics solutions ship standard with accessories, cables and brackets, come with a 3 year warranty and toll-free tech support.



1. Tested on a workstation PC with Dual Intel Xeon W5580 CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.