Discover a fast, easy way to run complex applications such as those from Adobe® and Autodesk®, and send their graphics output over the network to be displayed on a client computer.


Take advantage of the GRID VCA’s remote GPU acceleration to give users the same rich graphics experience they would get from an expensive, dedicated workstation under their desk.

GRID VCA is a turnkey appliance that provides enormous flexibility for creative organizations and media companies.

Users access their virtual machine with a click of a mouse and get dedicated workstation?class GPU performance delivered over the network. Virtual machines can be added, deleted or reallocated as needed and users get to use the client PC of their choice: Mac, PC or Linux.

It’s the ideal combination of graphics acceleration and turnkey simplicity for organizations that want the workstation performance and the benefits of remote computing.

Features and Benefits
  • Turnkey Platform: Simplifies installation and management
  • Workstation-Class Graphics: Replaces eight high-end graphics workstations
  • Superior workstation performance with NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture
  • 4U Form Factor: Power-efficient, standard form factor, easy to mount in a server rack
  • Stateless Client: Enhanced security, as valuable data sets are stored on the NAS, not locally
  • Up to Eight Concurrent Users: Each user is delivered a workspace for their graphics-intensive applications
  • Up to 30 GB of System Memory Per User: Maximum application performance
  • 4 GB Of Fast VRAM Per User: Enables higher-resolution characters for animation or more layers for editing
  • Windows, Mac, And Linux Clients: Supports a range of client PCs; users can choose their own device
  • Operating System Abstraction: Allows users to run Windows applications on Mac or Linux clients.
  • NVIDIA Driver Support: Latest drivers from the leader in visual computing