Video Surveillance & Security

Business is booming for the video surveillance industry. It’s also changing – today’s systems require more cameras, more resolution, and more analytics, which results in a lot more data. As a result, storage is more critical than ever. However, with recent advances in technology, storage solutions have become increasingly complex. If your company isn’t specialized in today’s digital storage workflows, we can supplement your team and help you deliver the best overall surveillance system for your client.

At Advanced Systems Group, we offer storage and workflow solutions to support your security and surveillance projects. We are digital storage experts, with a knowledge base built from hundreds of projects throughout multiple vertical markets. Combine our expertise with yours and your client gets the best of both worlds. We can deliver an intelligent, scalable, and cost effective video surveillance data storage solution that can handle the multiple concurrent data streams of today and expanded camera deployments of tomorrow.

ASG routinely works under NDA with leading companies from a variety of industries as well as other systems integrators and partners (yes, we can provide references). We can work behind the scenes to support your company – without competing for your business. Use your expertise to design a dynamic surveillance solution for your client, then leverage our expertise to provide a reliable and affordable storage network.





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